Join the movement for all us!

This is a movement of concerned kids and adults that are worried about the direction of the internet and more specifically social media.

We contend that the internet is broken. The way we do business through social media is also broken! Social media – Broken!

Commerce through the internet – Broken!

Advertising on the internet – yup! you guessed it! – Broken!

When it comes to Social Media- You may think you are viewing and maybe even shopping products but YOU ARE THE PRODUCT being manipulated and sold. is a non-profit organized by kids for kids on a mission to inform, educate, and offer free resources to parents and kids alike struggling with any of several aspects of social media. You may be wondering why it is that we think the internet is broken… We contend that the current model of conducting commerce across the internet consists of a broader scheme of rewards and punishments designed to make us act through manipulation. looks to open chapters in schools all across the country informing and educating consumers on the dangers of social media and the inernet. We advocate dignity, simplicity, a return to a safe space outside the loop and control of social media. Together we will educate, help, inform, and sponsor events all across the Country and hopefully internationally as well that will advocate for a safer, less harmful internet environment for all users regardless of age.


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